Thursday, September 18, 2014

We made a Paper Mache Elephant!!!

Last month end we attended a convention where around 5000 people from all over US had gathered. All US based organizations representing my home state in India participated in this convention.

My friends at local non-profit organization wanted to showcase one of the historical and popular festival celebrated in my homestate (Karnataka, India) called Dasara. Dasara procession is incomplete without the elephant(s) as elephant carries the gold studded howdah or seat on elephant (ambari in kannada) with the goddess idol.

While I was on vacation, I learnt that they decided to get the inflatable elephant. I was little sad for a lost opportunity to make a life size (ok almost lifesize) young adult male elephant. Since there was a little delay in the shipping of inflatable elephant, we started working on the elephant just 10 days before the event.

You will see me saying "we" thru out this posting as lots of my friends and their family helped in building the elephant. Stuffing, Paper Mache, Painting and decorating him (elephant) wouldn't have finished quickly without their help!!

Here is how the elephant looked during the procession. (Photo credit : Pooja)

Me and the elephant with howdah (this is also hand made) on top during the procession. (Photo Credit : Sri)

Front view

Close Up: (photo creadit Veena G)

This is how he looked before boarding the Uhaul truck :)

We all enjoyed the whole process of making elephant. It was a wonderful feeling to create one and finish it right on the night before Vinayaka Chaturthi (The day most Indians celebrate the birth of lord Ganesha (elephant head god))

Just to give you an idea how tall elephant is, here is the picture of my son (who is almost 5'10") along with elephant

Thanks for stopping by and Stay tuned for the details on how the elephant was made!!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Magnetic Picture Frame

Sorry for disappearing from blog land!! After coming back from vacation, got completely busy with paper mache elephant project (will post the details soon).

We both love traveling and exploring new places. Hubby loves to collect the fridge magnets as souvenirs from every place we visit. It was fine while we were in rental apartment. Once we moved to this home, we couldn't put these on the stainless steel refrigerator. Couple of ceramic ones broke when slipped from the fridge, so I packed them nicely in a box and put them away. He was sad that his collection was biting the dust in the box. I surprised him with this quick and easy project.

I did this project long time back but sharing it on the blog today :)

All that you need for this project is Galvanized Metal Sheet (I got 12" by 18" sheet from Lowes), Fabric, Picture frame and duct tape. One good idea is to carry the magnet with you while shopping for the galvanized metal sheet. I picked up the frames (without glass and back cover) from Michael's with 40% off coupon.

Please be careful while handling the metal sheet, edges are pretty sharp. I covered the edges with the duct tape to save my fingers.

Wrap the fabric on the metal sheet, just like gift wraping. I secured the fabric ends to the metal sheet using duct tape.

 This is how it looked from the front. I selected a neutral color fabric as the magnets are colorful.

I was planning to hang these without the frame (you can see the two holes I drilled for looping the ribbon on the right side).  After placing the magnets, realized it was heavy, so, used the frame. Since I was using no back cover and no glass frame, after placing the metal sheet there was a gap at the back. Foam-core board (lying around after some school project) was cut to size and used to fill in the gap. Yes, you guessed it right ;) , I secured with duct tape.

Voila!!! Magnetic Picture frame is ready.

Now time to adorn the frame with magnets :) 

Since we had many magnets, I ended up making two of these. Looking at the way collection is growing, I might have to make one more soon.

I love the projects which are quick and deliver satisfactory results. This is one of those projects which you can finish in less than 30 mins, excluding the shopping part :)
 What do u collect as keepsakes from your travel??

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Thank you for stopping by

Monday, July 28, 2014

Boys Bedroom Reveal

Hope you are all having an awesome summer. My summer has been going good so far. I am away on a month long vacation but couldn't keep myself away from blogging.

I am really excited to show you all my son's bedroom. He is 14 years old now, his room was the first one to get lots of firsts. In other words, I used his room for all my experiments, lol. We tried beadboard panelling in his room first, his closet makeover was our first closet makeover. His bedroom is the only room in the house which is almost (? ok, 80%) complete.

Here is how room has looked over the years

Before (Right before we moved in )



Shopping List:
-- Bed (from Ikea)
-- Malm floating shelves (From ikea)
-- Blanket (walmart)
-- Lamp (costco)

DIY List:
-- Painted walls in light Blue (custom color)
-- Bead board panelling, I showed you how we did it here
-- Closet makeover (Details Here )
-- Painted Desk (Details Here)
-- Upholstered Cornice (Details Here)
-- Painted Canvas art ( Details Here)
-- Curtains ( will post the details soon)

View from the door.

View of the bed side wall

Closet Wall


I still have to work on couple more projects
-- Reading chair near the closet
-- Upholster or sew the cover for desk chair

My teenager loves most of my experiments. Desk makeover is his favorite DIY in this room and Closet is my favorite, which one do you like the most in this room?

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy rest of the summer!!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Cane Chair Make Over Round 2

Hey, How is summer coming along? This has been a very relaxing week for me due to shutdown at work. Lots of goofing around with the kiddos and a messy house, loving every second of it.

Couple of months back, my beloved cane chair's back was torn. A small tear had turned into a big very big rip. I was very upset, I was angry at myself for not taking caring of the rip when it was small. Those chairs have served us for good 4 years after the last makeover (read all about it here), hubby suggested to donate the chairs. I heart those chairs, those are very very comfortable. I was not ready to loose the chairs because rip was big.

Here is how the chairs looked before and after with the huge rip at the back.

I knew either I will have to replace the cane backing or upholster the cane back. While I was going thru the options available, chairs were moved to garage.

There was a woodwork shop close-by which carried the caning, unfortunately it was closed recently. So replacing the cane was no longer an option. I ran to local Joann's store to see if I can find the fabric that I had used for the seat. Luckily the fabric was available, so upholstering it was. :)

I had trouble visualizing how to reupholster without removing the cane for the back. I tried asking Ms Google, but most of the posts I saw had the cane removed. I didn't want to remove the cane. The chairs sat in garage for good two months while I was trying to figure out. Finally during the memorial day weekend, I was able to come with a plan.

Here is how I did the back.

-- I traced the size of the back on a paper and then onto cereal box ( I was so impatient to see if my Idea works, I didn't have cereal box available at home. Called up a dear friend for one, she happily emptied and brought one).
-- Cut the fabric leaving 1" around the template.

-- Ironed the backing material to give the fabric little stiffness. (I had the Iron on backing material on hand which I had used for the top of living room curtains)
-- Using adhesive spray, applied the fabric on the back. I was able to push the extra fabric into the back support.

-- I used the same template to cut the foam for the front too.
-- Using adhesive spray applied the foam on the front.
-- Upholstered with the fabric using staples

-- Cover the staples with the decorative trim.I used hot glue to adhere the trim to the chair. I was lucky to find the exact same trim that I have used on the seat, that too for almost 1/4 of cost :) as it was marked down

 Here is how it looks now.

Here is one to show how it looked before and now.

Surprisingly, Hubby and the kiddos loved the new look of the chair very much. Though I miss the cane back, I am liking new look slowly. I am sure I will fall in love with these all over again.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Master Closet - 3rd side and final reveal

I am back with last post in the series of master closet makeover reveal. Past few weeks have been super duper busy due to final weeks of school and birthdays.  My son turned 14 and daughter 7. My older one graduated from middle school yesterday. Gosh, time just flies.

Middle part is pretty much used to hold our Indian dresses, Jewellery and seasonal clothes. We used two IKEA MALM dressers for the middle part along with wall to wall shelf. Canvas bins helps me in controlling the clutter and also houses seasonal and some of kids outgrown clothes :). I have the plan to paint those canvas bins, may be some day.

You can read all about his side makeover and her side makeover here and here.

Here is how this side looks from the closet entry.

One more shot.

Couple of during shots.

Here is the one with partial his side and this side

This side and Hers side

This closet has been a learning experience for us. We had loads of fun while building, assembling and installing.

Now this is how each of these side looks (just for the recap)

His Side :

Her Side :

Our Side :

Thanks for stopping by and have a great summer. Have a fabulous Fathers Day!!!

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Painted candle for Teacher Appreciation

I was planning to reveal our master closet this week, but got very busy over the weekend. So here I am with another quick project. This is one of those projects which can be finished in a jiffy if you have the supplies :)

This week is teacher's appreciation week in my daughter's school. Apart from all other stuff my daughter took, I wanted to give them something handmade to show my appreciation for all the hard work they have put in this year..

I got to know that her teacher loves candles, so decided to hand paint on the candle. I didnt have to buy any thing as I had both candle and paint (Folk art outdoor dimensional paint, left over from this project ) at home. I just drew chevron pattern on the bottom and filled the space in between with more triangles. :)

I love how easy it was to personalize candle with little paint. I hope the teacher likes it too.

Thanks for stopping by

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

walk in master closet makeover Part 3 - Her Side Reveal

Here comes the best part of our closet makeover, her side :)

We decided to build the closet mainly because I wanted a cabinet with glass doors where I can hang all my sarees (Indian Ethnic dress). So depth of the saree cabinet is more than that of shelves on the either side.

I learnt from my mistake of not painting before building the built-in (from my sons closet makeover) and painted the wall with custom color Gray after ripping off the builder provided shelf and the baseboard.

without further ado, here comes my side of closet in its full glory :)

view from the door.

Close up of top shelves

 and bottom shelves

And few photoes during the process, Sorry for the blurry iphone pictures.

Doors waiting to be attached to the cabinet

we built the doors ourselves and used plexiglass (acrylic sheets) instead of the glass inserts. we tried cutting plexiglass ourselves using the plexiglass cutter (and failed miserably). After few failed attempts and many broken pieces, we just dropped the idea of cutting them at home and got it cut at the shop.

All my sarees are out of the suitcases now. I love, love how I can see all of them, Just like the way I grew up seeing mom's sarees all hanged neatly.

I normally try to use same set of hangers in the given hanging space. Using same type of hangers thru-out, kind of makes the wardrobe look organized. I also hang the tops/shirts sorted by color. It also makes picking up a shirt much easier in the busy mornings.

You can read all about the plan, layout and his side reveal.

Thank you for swinging by and have a great week ahead!!