Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sofa Dreaming !!

Hi Dearies,

I have a dream! A Sofa where we laugh with family and friends till stomach hurts,  where we sit and chat all night long, where I lay down with a beautiful book and burn midnight oil. Lol!! Ok, ok, now you know that I have spent my weekend day dreaming.   I am dreaming about a beautiful sofa, a velvet one to be precise :).

This sofa set in our entry way is almost 9 years old. It is very very comfortable. Though I love it, I think I am ready for a change.  Now I need to work on convincing every body else feel the same.

I shared our entry way here (Indian Inlay Cornice), here (Board and Batten Wall treatment) and most recently here (Dual Tone Dresser). But I conveniently hid the sofa in all these posts.

Now that I have started shopping around for the sofa, Here are the few options I loved. There are velvet sofas in every price range.

Under 1000

1) This Ava Velvet Tufted Sleeper Sofa is from urban outfitters and priced at a reasonable 749.

2) This one from PBTeen is selling at 799.

Under 2000

3) Love the blue and nail head trim on Furniture of Othello America from overstock is priced at 1,535.99

4) This charlotte sofa by Jennifer Taylor is from Wayfair priced at 1349.99 (after 38% off)
5) This Furniture of America Giselle Contemporary Premium Velvet Sofa also from Over stock is right around 200. Love the clean lines and tufted look with nailhead trim.

 Furniture of Othello America from overstock (Option 3) is my personal favorite so far.

Hang in there, I will come back with more sofa dreaming. Until then, Take Care and Have a wonderful week ahead!!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Window Seat With Storage - Another Ikea Hack Using Stolmen Drawer

Hi All,

Here is another Ikea hack ( window seat with storage using stolmen drawers) we did in Jun but never got to post it.

We added a loft to our high ceiling entry way recently.  With the addition of loft, we now have an additional room for kids to hang out during gatherings. Planning to use the loft mainly as hanging out place/Game room so we needed a lot of seating and also lot of storage for the board games etc.

The opening is big, around 110" long and 20" deep.  Building something from scratch was out of scope as hubby was down with viral fever and we had to finish the project before his classmates meetup at our home. so started looking at various "above the fridge cabinets" but finding something 20" deep was an uphill task. Also with the doors, we felt space towards the right end would be tight. Something like pull out drawers seemed perfect for this place.

I am so glad I started looking out for the drawers on Ikea website. I hit a home run with the Ikea stolmen 2 drawer chests.  We went with 2 wider drawers and 1 smaller drawer which costed us 280$ before tax for all three.

After a quick trip to Ikea , we came back home with these 3 babies and lot of other things. Can u ever concentrate only on what you came for ever in Ikea??? I totally cant. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Next Day, we quickly assembled these with the help of my two awesome helpers. They don't just help me with assembly, they also keep me entertained with their jokes and songs.

Window Seat using Ikea Stolmen Chest

We have the plans of laying engineered hardwood for this room. So we just spaced it out and kept the dressers. there is a plan to add side brackets to it. We will do it after the hardwood, some day.

After placing the upholstered window seat

Ikea Stolmen Chest Hack Window Seat

Window Seat using Ikea Stolmen Chest


Full room view.

It is pretty sturdy and very comfy. It also holds weight without any issue. It gets put to use a lot during sleep overs. I love sitting there with a book over the weekends.

Did u work on any of home improvement projects recently? Would love to hear.

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