Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Garage Organization with overhead racks

I am so excited to be able to park the car back in the garage, finally!!!

During the initial days, we brought two garage cabinets from OSH. These two cabinets are bursting with our power tools, Christmas decoration, left over paint cans, camping related stuff, paper towels, paper plates etc. with no other storage in the garage, most of the items were on the floor.

Over the years, Our garage has become more of a junk yard than the home for our cars. It is a two car garage, we put everything else in there but the cars. It has been overflowing with all the left over wood from our projects, 4 bikes, my unfinished projects, furniture/toys/clothes to be donated, kids basketballs/soccer balls,  gardening tools and also loads of junk.

We are planning to do the epoxy on the garage floors soon, so I have been on a mission to remove as much as possible from the floor. So, now most of these things are moved to ceiling :) !! Yes, we installed overhead storage racks in the garage.

We ordered safe rack from Costco. Delivery was pretty quick and it came in two packages. Most difficult part in the installation was locating the joist. After using stud locator to mark the studs, we punched couple of holes in the ceiling to make sure joist indeed exists there :) Once first joist was located, it was much easy to find rest of them.

Hubby was so impressed with the overhead racks,we ended up ordering one more. Installing the second one was a breeze, we did that in less than 4 hours.

We have put all our large suitcases on these racks, Camping related stuff and also the wood. Still there is some wood left on the floor. With Special fall cleanup from the city, I was able to get rid of bed, palettes and other junk from the garage.

It looks so much better already. How do you organize your garage?

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous week ahead!!

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