Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 4 - Paint, Stencil and Stencil and stencil

Hi All, welcome back!! Cant believe we are already on week 4, only two more week to go. I have soo much to catch up to, almost 80% work still needs to be completed. I have butterflies in my stomach, seriously hoping that I can pull up a decent reveal.

Last week was a pretty good week in terms of progress.

I went ahead with ripe apricot and I am totally loving it on the walls.

I told you last week that I loved imperial trellis stencil, I found another one on etsy and placed an order. I realized that the etsy seller was Sarah from I explained her my situation and requested her to ship it as soon as possible. I am so impressed that I got the stencil with expedited shipping in just two days. Love you Sarah and Thank you.

I have been burning midnight oil for the past two days stenciling. Its time consuming.  One wall is only half done. we have textured walls which makes it little hard. End result is totally stunning and worth every minute spent. :)

I have been eyeing World market Everette Foyer table for a long long time. Price always deterred me.
Thanks to Mr Craig's list. I found one which looks similar to this but little shorter. Just the top needs some work though.

Here is what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

1. Install Map Wall
2. Paint  and Stencil the walls (WIP)
3. Spruce up existing Chandelier - Hubby feels that we should go ahead with earlier plan of buying a new one. 
4. Order/Buy Draperies 
5. Sew table Runner 
6. Order Console Table 
7. Floating Shelves
8. Finish Subway Art (WIP)
9. Buy accessories
10. Install subway art, draperies 
11. Refinish the console table. 

Here is what happened in last three weeks, week1 (before), week2 (design), week3 (Progress). There is so much to accomplish in the next two weeks, I am going thru mixed emotions. Linking the post at callingithome

Thank you so much for stopping to check on the progress.  

Sharing at : thriftydecorchick

Thursday, April 21, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 3 - Slow and Steady Progress

Hi All!! Welcome to 3rd week of ORC. Its almost half time but in terms of progress I havent even accomplished 10%. Hoping the speed up the process this week. lets see how the weekend shapes up. You can checkout for week1  (Before) and week2 (Inspiration and Design plan)

This week was a mix of good and bad things. First, good things :)

1) Map wall is coming along nicely. Got the map delivered over the weekend, Frames have been bulit and painted.. All set to go on the walls but waiting for the wall to get painted

2) Fabric got delivered today. It looks absolutely stunning and matches perfectly with the my color pallate. Can't wait to start on the simple sewing project

3) Also made some improvement on the subway Art, got the wood cut to size, Pre stain went on and I have been busy staining the wood. Since I am trying to match the stain with dining table, there is lot of back and forth going.

4) Wall paint selection was so difficult, I was able to short list following two. One of these will go on the wall this weekend

Benjamin Moore's Buttered Yam!

Glidden's Ripe Apricot

Now Bad Things :

After searching the internet for hours and hours, I gave up on new chandelier. I am working on a very tight budget and spending 3-400 on the chandelier wouldnt leave any budget for the console table. Havent had any luck with craislist on the console table either. So Plan B it is for the chandelier, spurce up the existing one!! That means more work, more time consuming and high possibility that it might not come upto expectation or might not make it to reveal!!

I loooooove the imperial trellis pattern and wanted to use it here. However I was planning to paint the lines in the color i choose over the existing one. All the ones available online were other way round. i.e you paint over, and the lines will be in base coat color. So decided to make one. I have a sheet set in that pattern, smaller pattern though. All good till I traced it and started cutting with xcto nife. My neck gave up half way thru and woke up with stiff neck and pretty bad head ache. Then the stencil started breaking in between!! Horrible feeling. Found one on etsy however the seller said regular shipping takes few weeks and express shipping would cost 30$, price itself is 30$. So again Plan B. Go with what ever you can find quicker at hobby lobby :(

Here is what still needs to be done

1. Install Map Wall
2. Paint and Stencil the walls
3. Spruce up existing Chandelier
4. Order/Buy Curtains
5. Sew table Runner
6. Order Console Table
7. Floating Shelves
8. Finish Subway Art

Looks like next couple of weekends going to be crazy busy with too much to do!! Well, I am excited.

Thank you so much for following along this journey of One room Challenge. Hope to see you again next week. I am off to link up at callingithome and check out what other guest participants have accomplished.

Take care,

Thursday, April 14, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week2

Hi Friends, welcome to week 2 of One Room Challenge. I am running behind the schedule. When I decided to take the plunge, we were vacationing in Bahamas. We got back early monday morning, just in time for the school and office. So, there is no real progress here, but I was able to come up with the design plan.

Though this room is sparingly used, it is one of the rooms that gets lots of foot print. Easy maintenance with the function is something I am gearing towards.

I am totally smitten by the calm turquoise waters and soft, powdery sand,  no wonder chosen color palette is inspired by the same.

Here are some of inspirations

I ordered this fabric and cant wait to get my hands on it.

This fabric paired with these gorgeous drape would look pretty amazing. I clearly see a knock off of these for the dining room 
That's it for this week. Planning to tackle painting the walls and subway art with a twist this weekend. Hopefully I will get around it soon.

Linking it up at callingithome. I am off to check out what 200+ guest participants accomplished this week. 


Wednesday, April 6, 2016

One Room Challenge Spring 2016 - Dining Room Makeover

How are u all? How'z the spring break going on or are u already done with the break? So excited to tell you that I have decided to participate in One Room Challenge Link up. Please wish me good luck.

I have been following One room challenge for the last two seasons, drooling over all the makeovers. It is put together by Linda from Calling it Home. It is a 6 weeks challenge during which one room should be totally transformed, start to finish. There is a group of designers who are invited to participate in One Room Challenge who share their progress on Wednesdays for six weeks and there is a linky party for the rest of enthusiasts on Thursdays for six weeks.

Our house is always work in progress, hoping that this challenge will help me to call one room all done. I seem to work well with deadlines, so totally excited to be part of it.

There was a tough competition between dining room and master bed room with two votes each. I used veto power to choose the dining room ;)  Our formal dining room didn't have any purpose until last year. We used it more like music room / play room. After the loft addition, piano/guitars/board games all moved upstairs forcing us to buy the formal dining set.

Here it is, pretty much bare walls with my magnetic frames. Only thing that stays per current plan is the magnetic frames and of-course the dining set.

Things to accomplish

- New Paint
- Buffet for the magnetic Frame wall
- Floating Shelves on the other wall
- Redesign Magnetic frames and add one more
- New curtains
- Add Molding
- Make Table Runner
- Buy Rug
- New Chandelier

Head over to Calling It Home and check out all other amazing bloggers participating in this challenge.

Be sure to stop by next Thursday to check out my progress.


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