Monday, February 29, 2016

A new rug for the loft and Rug Pad Corner Review

We got this LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug from ikea for the loft in December. I love this rug, It is big and most importantly fits my budget. This is the only rug in the house which gets used a lot as both the kids (and their friends) use this room extensively.

Rug pad corner Review

We could hear lot of footsteps from entry way, when the kids run around or are playing in loft. It was sometimes annoying if we were sitting in the entry way. I was so glad when Rug Pad Corner representative contacted me. I was beyond thrilled that they found me, let alone they wanted me to review their product.

All their rug pads are made in USA and eco-friendly i.e they use only Recycled or Natural Materials – No Chemicals, Glues or Adhesives. I received two No-Muv carpet pads. It was nicely packaged, the best part about the rug pad was that there was no chemical odor you normally get to experience with new rugs/rug pads. Had to wait till the weekend to lay it in the loft which was the difficult part. 

This is how the Rug Pad looks. 

With the addition of rug pad, the noise has reduced considerably. Since the rug pad is thick, it is very very soft on the feet and also due to the thickness rug feels like an expensive one. Although I knew rugpads are good for the rug, I didn’t know what value these bring in. Also Since we have carpet/tiles under most of the rugs and the furniture sits on it, shifting was not an issue. Now that I have one, I know what I was missing all these days.

Why do we need rug pads?
The kind of rug pad used depends on the type the floor the rug sits on. They are not made the same way for all types of floors.
  • A good rug pad adds softness, holds the rug in place and prevents slips.
  •  It also prevents the floor getting the dye transfer or staining from the rug.
  • If there is any furniture sitting on the rug, rug pad extends the life of rug by preventing the fibers being crushed by the furniture weight
How to calculate the Rug Pad Size:

The rug pad should be about two inches less than your rug size on all four sides. So if the size of your rug size is 8'x10', then the rug pad size should be 7'10”x9'10”, a total of two inches less in each dimension, which is the same as one inch less on all four sides.

I highly recommend Rug Pad Corner if you’re in the market for a rug pad.  The best part I liked about them along with their high quality green products is that they donate a portion of the proceeds from every order to a charitable cause. You choose one of three organizations The American Red Cross, St Jude Children’s Research Hospital or The American Cancer Society during the ordering process and they will. Isn’t it a sweet deal? Let me make it little more sweeter. All my readers get 15% if you use REVIEW15 coupon code.

A Big Thank you to Rug Pad Corner for providing me with the rug pad to review for this post. All content, thoughts, opinions and images are my own!


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guest Post - Pantry Cleaning could be Easy by Kathleen Crane

Hi Friends,

Today's post is from guest blogger Kathleen Crane. She is the owner of  Shiny Carpets Hanwell. Enjoy!! 

Pantry Cleaning Could Be Easy 

There is a way for cleaning your pantry easily and effectively. Here you will learn how to do this without spending too much of your time. The tips presented here will help you de-clutter and clean your pantry. Put labels and dates on every product you have especially on herbs and spices. Throw away every good and product you don't need often to keep your pantry de-cluttered.

First move the rubbish bin near the pantry to be at hand whenever you need to toss unnecessary, expired goods and other items. Empty your shelves on the counter and throw away all suspicious and expired goods. Check canned goods, boxes with food, old bags with ingredients like flavour and others by paying attention to their expiration date. Toss away in the trash the outdated goods. Almost all ground spices and dried herbs should be replaced twice in the year once every six months. Brown sugar and honey are goods which have no expiration date and last forever. Write down which goods you have thrown away so, you can replace them with new.

If you have too many canned foods which you don't need you can always donate them to some organisation and prevent the need to throw them away later when they expire. Separate the cans into two categories: such that are needed for everyday usage and such used seldom.

You can easily clean all sticky jars, cans and dusty containers using a solution of warm water and dish soap, dissolved in a bowl. Use a sponge to wipe the cans and jars. Soak the sponge and squeeze the excess quantity of the cleaning solution after which you can start wiping and sanitising all dirty containers. After that let them dry well.

Clean all shelves of the crumbs using a vacuum cleaner with a handle. Make sure you provide effective vacuum cleaning of all corners and hard to reach areas and there are no crumbs and leftovers anywhere. Store all items which tend to get lost easily like loose packets of oatmeal and jars with bouillon in a plastic container. This way they will be easier to find and won't get spilled making a mess.

If there are any stains from jelly, drips of honey or other leftovers you want to remove use baking soda to sprinkle them first. Then, cover them with paper towels that are soaked in hot water. Let them sit for a couple of seconds and then remove the paper towels. Using a spatula or any flat and hard tool to scrape off the substances which should have softened and easier for removing. Use the soaked and squeezed sponge with cleaning solution of water and dish soap to wipe all shelves and stained surfaces. In the end dry the shelves well with a clean cloth and put a shelf liner. It will help you keep your shelves clean and ease the sliding and moving of items from one place to another.

Reorder your pantry in such a way that it works for you. Frequently used goods like cereal, lunch ingredients, pet food and others store on easily accessible places. Rarely used items store on the top shelf, while jugs of oil and other ingredients which you use occasionally place on the bottom shelf. Group your food ingredients and items by type: baking supplies in one place and etc. Keep multiple cans and containers of foods and drinks in one place together so, that you know how much of each you have available.

Tidying and reordering your pantry in an effective way will make orientating in it easier and faster. Moreover, it won't get messy and you won't have to spend more time cleaning and de-cluttering it again and again. Try to keep your pantry organised and tidy.

"The article is contributed by Shiny Carpets Hanwell"

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lampshade Makeover - Anthropologie Ranunculus Swirl Lampshade Knockoff

Hello dear ones, How are u?

This week a was able to finish off couple of projects which were started a while back but never got to finish. Here is another lampshade makeover using fabric.

I fell in love with Anthropologie Ranunculus Swirl Lampshade unfortunately couldn't buy it as it is discontinued now.

On one of my trips to Joann's Fabrics I found a beautiful rosette fabric and it was love at first sight. I was able to make a lampshade one similar to Anthropologie one.

Here is my version of Ranunculus swirl lampshade knock off.

Here is one before and after.

This is how I recovered the lampshade.

- Trace the template on the shopping bag by rolling the lampshade on the bag. Add an inch on either side and cut it along the lines.

- After the template is ready, try it out on the lampshade to make sure it fits properly.
- Using the template cut the fabric

- Using the spray adhesive, glue the fabric on the lampshade

- Trim the excess and use clips or clothespin to hold the fabric in place till the fabric adheres.

- Voila, you have a brand new lampshade :)

The fabric had few gaps in between the pattern, so I cut out the rosettes from the extra fabric and glued it to the lampshade. I love how it looks with the lights on.

Have you recovered any lampshades?

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Heart wall decor with strings and lei beads

Hi Lovelies,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I wasn't planning for one but but cold rainy days and work is keeping me busy. I am really surprised that I could hide in the bed under a blanket with a nice book when there were few unfinished projects! Well, I got out of the blanket to finish this cute little wall hanging.

Here is a another simple valentine decor using Hawaiian lei with beads, paint stirrer and some thread. Little patience and inspiration on pinterest transformed these into beautiful heart wall hanging :)

One of my friend gave me few beaded lei few months back. Recently i came across acorn heart wall hanging and decided to put lei beads to good use.

Materials Needed :

-- Hawaiian lei with beads
-- Paint stirrer
-- Some thread.
-- Hot glue gun and glue sticks


-- Arrange the beads in the heart shape
-- String the beads and put a knot at the end
-- Hot glue the thread to paint stirrer (on the wrong side)
-- Cut the extra thread and glue the end properly

-- Trim the ends and glue them if needed. I used the the same string as the loops to hang this heart on the wall.

Here it is in our bed room.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

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