Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kitchen Pantry Reveal for $100 Room Makeover

yay!!! I am so excited, Finally reveal week is here. Not just I get to show you all what our Pantry went thru, I also get to see what other bloggers did to transform their space for under $100.  This is the first time I joined Erin's challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you So much to Erin from lemons, lavender and Laundry for hosting this challenge.

Per the plan I shared during week1. I was able to accomplish most of it.

- Extend the shelves to wrap around. There is about 9" space on the sides.
- Paint and stencil the back
- Paint the shelves
- Build/Buy lazy Susan to access/fully utilize the corners
- Utilize the pantry door
- Explore Storage ideas for different groups.
- Maximize the vertical space.

Here comes the Pantry in its full glory.

One more

I absolutely heart this buy from Amazon which stores my flours and sugar. With very little money left in the budget, I could buy only 4 of these.

I was able to organize the containers based on their frequency of use. The ones with most use occupied the lower shelves and less used ones on the upper shelves.

Few bins that I had before, got a makeover with the fabric I had at home and house electronic appliances/parts , kids snacks and unopened food items.

The side shelves which we added made the day and night difference in the appearance of the pantry. All the items that are needed but not very appeasing to eyes are stored in the side shelves. 

I was able to pull out all my kitchen appliances from the other cabinets and store all of them in the pantry. No more rummaging thru all the cabinets to find one (Happy Dance)

Here is a comparison of the pantry before and after

Here is how I did on the budget

- Vertical Storage Shelf for the Pantry Door -  $50.40
- Reusable Chalkboard labels - $6.99
- Glass Jars - $29.69
- Paint for the wall, shelves and stenciling - $1.00
- Stencil - $0.00
- Wood for the Shelves - $0.00
- Nails etc for the shelves - $8.00

Total :- 96.08 $

I am smitten by the Pantry. I keep opening it for no reason and keep staring it.

Well for now, I am off to checkout the beautiful work of all other amazing bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by,

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Stenciling Kitchen Pantry Week 4 $100 Room Makeover

Hi All,

It's week 4 of one room makeover for under 100 dollars.

If you are joining me for the first time, I shared the before and plan in Week1, Progress in Week2, I couldnt post any thing for Week3.

I was able to finish stenciling the Pantry over the weekend and I love how stenciling has transformed this tiny place.

stencilled Pantry

I am not new to stencilling, I have tried all sort of stenciling, One with home made template in laundry, without template in my daughter's closet and using all over stencil  in Dining Room. This one was very easy as this didnt involve measuring.

Each shelf varied in height, I just kept stencilling by alligning stencil once on the top and once on the bottom.

I used acrylic paint (left over from this project) and painter's brush.

After painting each, I made sure to wipe the stencil's back so that there is no paint smudging.

I skipped the sides :)

There was some bleeding here and there, I touched it up with base coat.

Stay calm and keep stenciling :)

Stenciled Pantry

I spent a whopping 1 dollar on this as I ran out of acrylic paint and had to buy one more.

Total budget spent so far :- 58.40 (Till last week) +1 = $59.40

Thanks for stopping by. I am off to check out the progress made by other amazing bloggers.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Kitchen Pantry makeover for $100 room challenge (Week 2)

Hi All,

Since I joined the party little late, I don't have much to share as this weeks progress. Only thing I could was to empty the Pantry, add a shelf on the top to increase the vertical space and add the side shelves.

I had one particle board provided by the from the Master Closet. I was hoarding it since the closet makeover. Part of it was used as the top most shelf, rest used for side shelves. I was little short on wood but I was able to get another small piece of particle board from a dear friend. Since I had everything on hand, I used around 8 dollars for the screws and side support .

I ordered the vertical storage shelf for the back of the pantry door. This took little more than half of my budget ($50.40)

Here comes the pending task list. Since I have the Paint/caulk, I don't have spend anything on these.

- Caulk the newly added shelves
- Paint the shelves
- Paint the pantry
- Stencil
- I went shopping in the house and found 2 more baskets similar to the blue ones but in Pink. since I would be storing food, I am not comfortable doing spray painting on these. Planning to use the fabric. Time to raid my stash of scrap fabric.

Total budget spent so far :- 50.40 + 8 = 58.40

Its going to be an uphill task but I am all geared and excited!!

Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Kitchen Pantry makeover for $100 room challenge (Week 1)

Now that the guest bathroom is totally done (not yet posted on the blog), I am moving onto the other pending projects. I came across post from Erin who blogs over regarding one room make over under the budget of 100 dollars in 4 weeks time. Tight deadlines gives me enough kick to finish off the project in a given timeline, there is no way I could let this opportunity go. Since I hopped onto this wagon little late, I get only 3 weeks to finish it. I guess, I can mange that.

There were serious contenders like Laundry room, Guest bedroom, Kids bathroom and Kitchen pantry.  Kitchen Pantry finally emerged as the winner :) Our Pantry is pretty small, its about 64" wide and 26" deep. I can step in but not walk-in. Like any other builder grade pantries, it has shelves 16" deep. This is how it looks currently.

You see, it is fully functional but lacks the form. So here is the plan.

- Extend the shelves to wrap around. There is about 9" space on the sides.
- Paint and stencil the back
- Paint the shelves
- Build/Buy lazy Susan to access/fully utilize the corners
- Utilize the pantry door
- Explore Storage ideas for different groups.
- Maximize the vertical space. The top most shelf is huge. We keep less used stuff there. May be we can add another shelf less deeper.

Thanks to Erin for organizing this and motivating me to modify a space without putting a dent in my budget.

Cant wait to see all the amazing transformations from other Partcipants and their frugal ideas to stick to the budget.

You can check out the other participants choice of rooms and their progress thru following link up. 
Please Note: This Link-Up is for participants in the $100 Room Challenge Only.
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