Thursday, January 26, 2017

New chandelier in the Dining Room

Hi Every one, how are u all? After all most a month of  rain, sun is finally out since couple of days.

We had the builder provided chandelier in the dining room. While I was working on the one room challenge, I had planned to spray paint it or wrap in yarn in teal blue. I fell short of time and I couldnt touch the chandelier. While we were shooting for the reveal, my husband was holding it to avoid the glare in the photoes and boom....It snapped. Luckily, it snapped when he was still holding it.

Here is a before

I found the one I loved on overstock.
Picture Source : Overstock

We were able to replace it ourselves. I love the rustic look of the chandelier.

Close up

Another one :)

Here is one with lights on 

Love how this chandelier looks in the dining room.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Closet Organization Using Ikea Malm Dressers

Hello and Happy New Year Dearies!!

How are you all? How was your new year celebration and Holidays? We had a nice vacation on a cruise to Mexico, came back with lots of inspiration and colorful ideas.

My younger one has been bugging me over her closet for a while. Since she helps me with her laundry and folds her cloths (using this template), she was annoyed with lack of usable space. I had promised her I will give her one before her 9th birthday. I couldnt keep up with my promise as I got busy with the One room Challenge. Its never late to fulfill a promise, we finally worked on her closet during thanks giving break.

Here is how it looks now :)

Closet Built Ins

The closet was a bulider grade closet, all that it had was storage cube and a dresser. now, you know why she was upset, right? I cant belive I am sharing this on internet, this is how the closet looked before.

I emptied the closet and gave couple of coats of pink, same as rest of the room.

She wanted a hint of blue in the closet and she chose the pattern for the back wall. Though the most of it got covered with dressers, I drew the lines and went over with navy blue.

Hand Painted Chevron in Closet

We have used Ikea Malm dressers in the master closet and pretty happy with them. So again we used the dressers hold all her clothes, few knick-knacks and collectibles. we also added three shelves on either side to hold the books.

Ikea Malm Built-ins in small closet

We decided to take off the sliding closet doors. Need to figure out how to add the regular doors.

Ikea Malm Hack

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