Sunday, November 11, 2018

One Room Challenge Week 6 : Mini Reveal


I totally agree that I took bigger bite than I can chew this time. I got super busy with volunterring at Sadguru Program and also for local community, with crazy work hours, it became hard. But hey, I am glad I started this, atleast room is in much better shape than it was before. But I promise I will finish off soon to show off the room.

Here it is 

I tried again and again I ended up with checkers :( I am still hopeful that I will convert this to plaid soon

I am super proud of these shibori curtains, i made using a flat sheet.

Another closeup

Thank you for stopping by, Hope you had a chance to check out the other amazing reveals 

Thursday, November 1, 2018

One Room Challenge Week 5 : What just happened? Setbacks and progress

Welcome to 5th week of ORC. Just one more week to go and there are wayyy too many things to accomplish and I am running way behind.

Good Things first

1. Curtains have arrived, rods have been installed and all ready to be hing. Pom poms add a nice touch to the curtians and luckily the pompom color is similar to our accent color.

2. Her closet is almost done and the malm dressers got a no paint makeover. Seriously this was one of the simplest projects and I absolutely heart it.

We decided to go with the curtains for the closet instead of the bifold doors.

One more shot.

3. We are working on a tie and dye project as we speak
4. Hopefully hubs will install some shelving
5. DIY chandelier is coming along well and Little missy has been helping me with that.

Now onto major setback :( our accent wall. This one has taken soo much of my time. I feel I have spent more time on ladder in taping and sealing the tape than actually painting. Then finally when I thought everything is done, I ended up with checkered wall not the buffalo pattern as I intended.

This is a big bummer as I am already stressed out with too many half done projects (nope not just for ORC, other projects I am working on for two community events)

Here it is. Little one has been seeing me running all over and being a sweatheart that she is, she says she loved it. But I know her, the sparkle was missing in those beautiful eyes when said that.

Now I am again back to taping and painting over. This momma is ready to dive deep into the week 6 to finish atleasts few more projects if not finish the room entirely!!

Thanks for stopping by, go here to check what my fellow challenge participants achieved in the past 5 weeks. Good luck to my fellow challenge bloggers, you got this!

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