Monday, July 25, 2016

Creative and Cheap Ways to Make Your Kids’ Room Look Styled - Guest Post by Kaitlin Krull

Creating a beautiful, picture-perfect bedroom for your children is right up there with having your house featured in Architectural Digest and winning the lottery in terms of achievability —it’s probably not going to happen. While most of us would love to have our kids’ rooms look like something out of a Pinterest board, reality usually makes this dream unachievable. Thankfully, at Modernize we have a few tricks up our sleeve. Here are a few of our top tips for creating a beautifully styled bedroom for your children while staying realistic and without breaking the bank.

Make your own decorations
Decorating a kids’ bedroom on the cheap is actually much easier than it sounds. We all know that kids are professional crafters, so embrace their inner artists and get to making. Cardboard and cloth bunting, pompom garlands, and papier mâché stars are all fun and simple DIY projects that you and your children can complete together. We also love the idea of framing your kids’ artwork and displaying it throughout the room to complete the look: choose pieces with bright, bold colors and fun patterns or pictures to make their art really stand out.

Upcycle old toys and storage

Upcycling is super trendy and inexpensive, so it works perfectly for your kids’ bedroom. Reuse your own childhood and vintage wooden toys for shelf decorations, turn old wicker and fabric baskets and gift boxes into storage for toys and clothing, and repaint an old dresser or sideboard for more storage or a retro changing station. The options are endless when it comes to upcycling, so use your imagination and create something beautiful without spending tons of money at the store.

Add a bit of green
Nothing styles a room quite like fresh-cut flowers and greenery, but we all know that delicate things and kids don’t really mix. Artificial flowers are a convenient and inexpensive solution since they last forever, so choose a bright bouquet to adorn your kids’ bedside table and you won’t have to worry about damage. If you want to cut costs further, use cuttings from your own backyard. Just make sure to replace them often, and remember that kids have a tendency to put everything in their mouths!

Keep it tidy
Regular cleaning and organization keeps the focus on the decor and style of a room instead of clutter, so encourage your children to keep their bedroom as neat and tidy as possible. Underbed storage boxes, bookshelves, baskets, and a well-organized closet will give your kids plenty of room to keep their most prized possessions without feeling overcrowded. This relatively simple step costs nothing and could actually end up making you money if you periodically look for unused items to resell or donate to charity. We also recommend rotating toys and clothing monthly and keeping unused items in storage until they are needed to maximize space and minimize mess.


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