Friday, July 21, 2017

Khun Fabric Covered LampShades

Hola dear Friends,

How are you all? Howz summer coming along? With a high school kid entering into senior year and doing internships, things are littel crazier at home. I am glad we were able to steal a week for Washington DC trip. Sorry I have been little lazy on the blog front this summer. Will pull my socks up and try to be regular!!!

I am back with the lampshade makeover done using the Khun (Guledgudda Khana) fabric for the ORC living room makeover.

Steps are pretty simple. All that you need are fabric of your choice, spray adhesive, lampshade, stitch witchery, Hot glue Gun and ofcourse scissors.

1. Cut the fabric to desired length (Since this is a circular drum shade, a straight cut was good). Attach the stitch whitechery at one end.

2. Spray the adhesive on the lampshade and lay the fabric on to it. Using the credit card, smoothen it out. Once it comes to the end, seal it by ironing both ends with stitch whitchery, add hotglue if needed

3  Trim the excess fabric on both sides and glue it to the shade using the hot glue gun

4. Admire the beautiful lampshade you have on your hand :)

5. Place it on the lamp and admore even more!!

Before calling off, little details on this beautiful fabric called Khun  (GuledGudda Khana or Khanna) . Its a handloom fabric, hand oven using pure cotton thread and silk yarn available in northern part of Karnataka (this is where both me and my husband are from) and Maharashtra (Two States of India). Most of us from these region have fond memories of this fabric mainly used to make blouses that goes with Ilkal Sarees.

Is there anything in your home that evoke your childhood memories, would love to hear!!

Until I catch you all next time, Enjoy rest of the summer!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Boho eclectic Living room/Entry Way Reveal

Welcome to week6 of the one room challenge. After 6 weeks of roller coaster ride of decision making, failed plans and few sleepless nights, we are finally at the reveal of boho chic living/entry room.

I am beyond thrilled how far the room has come in matter of just 6 weeks. Without further ado, here is our Indian d├ęcor inspired, eclectic, boho chic living/entry room.

Except for the draperies, I was able to complete everything from the plan. Just to compare here is before. Wallpaper made night and day difference.

This one is going to be photo heavy post, hope you guys dont mind :)

This is the first room one gets to see after entering. Other than entering/exiting the room doesnt get much of use. This room is used mostly while enetrtaining our guests. It was functional however lacked the charm. Its all a history now, I am sure we will create many more memories in this room with our loved ones.

We replaced love seat with these two chairs from wayfair. There is a small issue with one of the chairs, but its not seen from the front.

Homegrown roses in a mason jar adds the much needed color to this side of the wall. Love this Pillow.

Corner stand with our collectibles is moved to this corner now

Lampshades were recovered using the Indian traditional fabric which is mainly used for saree blouses.

Colorful gold dipped nesting tables were another DIY I loved working on. Best part of these tables are that I can change the top per the season or the decor. 

Elephant table is one of the very few which remained untouched. He proudly carries Tasseled and color blocked Jute planter (another DIY).

One of the wall continues to the dining room and the wall paper was stopping right near the garage door. I added these beautiful wood plaques from costplus on the door.

We are treated with this view the minute front door is opened.

Old coffee table got a mini makeover using Thai marbeled paper.

Love the pop of colors the pillows add. I am thrilled with this pillow.

before letting you go, here is one more view. :)

If you want to catch up on previous weeks work here it is

week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Couldnt post Week 5

Thanks to Linda from for hosting this mega event where more than 200 guest participants and 20 selected designers gave new life to room of their choice. 

Before saying bye for today, I would like to leave you with this side by side comparison of before and after

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Boho eclectic Living room/Entry Way Progress - ORC Week4

Welcome back to week4 of One Room Challenge.

This weekend was very eventful with me completing another half marathon.

Lot of good things happened this week.
- I was able to fix the sofa dilemma.
- Ordered a pair of chairs to replace the love seat.
- Lamp shade has been recovered
- Nesting Tables are ready.

I m still on the fence with grasscloth wallpaper. I received the wall paper yesterday. Most of the people on net suggests to smoothen the wall and prime it before applying the wallpaper. Hopefully I will find someone to install it for little cheaper.

Here is the Lampshade

 On the Lamp

Indian Fabric Covered lampsahde

 Nesting tables. Best part about this blue and gold dipped nesting table is that I can change the fabric per my taste as and when I want

Blue and Cold Nesting Tables

I am swooning over the gold dipped legs

Ble and Gold Dipped Legs

Aren't they colorful, vibrant and pretty?

Ethnic Nesting Table

One more shot before I leave

Fabric Covered Lampshade

I am off to check what 200+ other bloggers have accomplished this week.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boho Eclectic Living Room One Room challenge Week3 - Progress

Welcome back to third week of One Room challenge.

We are past halfway mark. There hasn't been significant change in the way room looks but I do have few updates.

Let me start with good parts first

- Fabric for the lampshades arrived. Here is the sneak peak of the lampshade. I haven't covered it yet, this was just to see how it looks.

- Pillow covers will be mix of few DIYs and few store brought. Most of my online shopped pillow covers are here and I am loving what I see.

 - Dresser will have kalamkari (Printing technique famous in southernpart of India)  runner. I was able to get the fabric for the same too. Here is the fabric I have got for this makeover

- My nesting table is all set for some serious spray painting this week

- I was able to score the pretty curtains from home goods and I cant wait to put them on the wall.

- Gallery wall is 75% complete and need to work on couple more

- Coffee table is going to get a face uplift and the add on is on the way.

Now on to not so good parts :

I am still on the lookout for the side table with storage. There are two major setbacks tough :(

Grass cloth wallpaper

I have been dreaming about the grasscloth wallpaper in the entry way. Since its the first room as soon as you enter our home and I didn't want it to look all DIYed, so have been looking around for professional installer. My dreams were shattered by the price he quoted. Installation and prep work will cost me good 2k, which I am not  currently ready to spend. So, DIY it is.

I looked at various options, since our walls are textured, most of the options says prep the wall. I am worried about what happens when we decide to take them down. If the wall will end up damaged. To be honest, I am little worked up at the moment


Since this room gets very use, Hubs isnt ready on spending moolah on this room. So new sofa  is not happening. That means I have to come up with option B which is to upholster this beast. If I complete
everything on my list by this weekend, I might give this a try.

You can catch up earlier weeks posts here, week1, week2

I have so much to complete this weekend along with a half marathon on Sunday.

Thank you for stopping by

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Boho eclectic Living room/Entry Way - ORC Week2

Week 2 of One Room challenege is here and I am little too late to the party this week. This is the week where most of the designing and planning happens. While I am still struggling to decide on the couch and side tables, I was able to order few things.

Here is the grand plan for this Global Boho/electic Entry Way/Living Room.

1.  Grasscloth Wallpaper -> I have been drooling over Grasscloth Wallpapered rooms lately. So decided to take the plung and ordered the wallpaper. Time to get to other tasks in the list as the wallpaper is expected in last week of April.
2. Curtain Panels -> Still Searching
3. Replace Side tables -> Got one, debating on the other as I need some storage too
4. Bring in more plants
5. Collage for the wall between two windows -> WIP
6. This rooms flows into the stairs and also the dining room. need to figure out how to devide both the spaces. Some sort of dividers may be.
7. Redo Coffee Table
8. Chairs instead of love seat (??)
9. replace sofa (??)
10. Spray Paint Ginger Jar Lamps
11. Lamp Shades
12. Bring in more colorful pillows (If 8 and 9 doesnt happen upholster the existing sofa and ditch the pillows)

Coffee table, Indian inlay stenciled cornices, Two toned Dresser, Elephant plant stand and Corner stand stays.

Here are few of my inspirations:

Love the collage in this beautiful setting (Please pin from source)

Source : Pinterest

                                                               source : pinterest

Absolutely in love with the grass cloth, blue, white and rust color scheme in this room

Source : Pinterest

Northern california is going thru extended spring showers. I couldnt do any thing this weekend either. Will have to squeeze in everything in next 3 weeks, Hopefully I will be able to pull it off.


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