Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Orange and Gray Painted 5 Paneled Door (Other side of the Barn door)

Heyyyyy!! How are u, enjoying the summer?

Next couple of weeks going to be crazy busy as I have loads and loads of projects lined up. Need to finish quite a few things before hubby's few classmates and their families joins us for couple of weeks.

Every story has the other side and so does our barn door ( faux panel painted door). Other side of door is fully visible from the bath room. I wanted it to be pretty and some thing that goes with gray and orange color scheme.

Since we couldn't find the doors that big (93" tall, 38" wide) and in the price we like, we decided to build. All that we needed was one sheet of plywood.

We got the cuts needed from the home depot, Along with 1 sheet, we used some left over wood from our other projects.

After Pre-stain wood conditioner. Conditioner helps the wood to absorb the stain evenly.

After Gray stain.This was after first round. I did 3 rounds to achieve the color I was looking for.

For Orange, I mixed my own stain using the orange acrylic and water.

Sealed with few (3) coats polyurethane.

I simply love the grain that shows up thru the wood. I was planning to use this as the other side instead of the faux panel painted one. But hubby fell in love with faux panel and wanted it to be in the bedroom side.

Before leaving, here is both the sides next to each other.

Color Block Door, Orange and Gray painted door

Which side do u like? stay tuned for the installation tutorial.

Thanks for stopping by, have an awesome summer!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Faux painted Panel Barn Door!!

Yay!!! I jumped onto Barn Door bandwagon too!

DIY Blog world is full of barn door and colorful doors these days. I have been secretly admiring the barn doors and was patiently waiting for the day I get to put one in my home. We had the right spot for it too, the door way between master bed room and master bath room.

It sounds little weird, but there is (well was now ;) ) no door between our master bed room and master bath room. When we moved in, we were looking at installing pocket door or collapsible door. Pocket door was too much of work and hubby dear didnt like/approve collapsible door. So fast forward 7 years, we have a sliding barn door.

Sliding Door

I tried to incorporate my love for paneling in the barn door. This wall was pretty boring, sliding door with faux painted panel adds lots of interest.

I stained/painted the door almost a month back. My daughter was sick for a week followed by hubby falling sick for 3 weeks which kept delaying the installation. The door stayed in the bed room for a good month supported by the wall.

We finally managed to install it last Sunday.

Painted Barn Door

One more shot with door pushed out. Sliding doors are the best option where the space is tight or you don't want to waste the space. Traditional doors swing open, which takes up lot of space.

Sliding Barn Door, Barn Door, Painted Barn Door

will come back soon with the tutorial for the door and installation details.

Thank you for stopping by.

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