Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fabric wrapped dual tone Dresser Tutorial

Hi, how are u all?  As promised, I am back with the tutorial for the dual tone fabric wrapped dresser. I wanted to try this project even before summer on ikea trysil dresser, however changed my mind and went with paint instead, for trysil dresser.

I found a beautiful gold print fabric and this craigslist find was the ideal candidate to get wrapped. This was one fun project as the whole makeover involved sanding, stripping, staining and fabric wrapping. 

Old finish was maple. Our stair railing is also maple, felt it would be too much of maple in the foyer as this dresser was going in the foyer. wanted to stain the body of the dresser in darker color.

After few rounds of sanding with sand paper without much result, I went with citristrip stripping gel.

I love this product. Just apply and wait for 30 mins and remove it. make sure you cover underneath the furniture. Once you start removing the old finish, it gets very messy. The old finish starts coming off as below. I know it looks aweful.

After stripping.

Apply wood conditioner.

Apply multiple coats of stain

Drawer front was thin veneer. There was no preparation involved as I was anyway covering with fabric. 

Seal it with clear poly.

fabric and stained dresser

Side was most difficult part as I didn't cut the fabric to the size. I had some extra fabric, Trimming it later with scissor was a pain. 

Fabric wrapped wooden dresser

Here it is in the foyer.

I absolutely love how this dresser got transformed. I still have to polish the brass handles, but for now, I am happy with makeover. 

Have a wonderful day ahead!

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial, I definitely have to try this!!

    1. Thank u for stopping by Mary K. Would love to see how yours turns out :)

  2. Thanks for the tutorial . love ur Diy projects. The work on the staircase wall is awesome.

  3. Thanks for the tutorial . love ur Diy projects. The work on the staircase wall is awesome.


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