Friday, November 6, 2015

Tea Light/Candle holders

Happy Deepawali/Diwali.

In between cleaning, getting the house ready for the guests and cooking all the yummy dishes, its difficult to get some time to decorate the lamps. Also when you are away from home country, you might not get diyas everywhere.So here comes few quick ideas for the tea light / candle holders with the things easy available at home. If you are looking for some easy ideas to decorate the tea lights, I shared few last week here.

1. Got some bangles?

Simplest of all. Take few bangles and glue them together to the round shaped cardboard Or just leave it as is (Yes, that's what I did) . Your options are end less with this approach.

Here are some of mine

All lit up :)

2. Now how about some bowls (I used the glasses) ?

Fill it up with colorful grains and pulses or coffee beans.

3. Wine glasses?

Put the glasses upside down and you have beautiful candle holders. If you don't want leave glasses plain, put some idol or lamp or flower or jewelry

I love the way these wine glass tea holders adding wow factor to the spread.

Here is the spread of tea lights on my dining table (with the makeshift runner, lol)

I will come back again with few more candle holder ideas, stay tuned.

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