Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Paper Flower (Carnations) using Crepe Paper

Hi All, I am back again with another tutorial. This time for paper carnations using crepe paper.

You saw the crepe flowers I had made with the help of my kids during Deepavali Post.

I had picked up these crepe papers from the dollar store to stuff it in the gift bags. Bright Orange or bright yellow would have been more colorful but I went with what I had with me.

Here is how the flowers were made.

1. Take out the sheet, and fold it few times.

2. Draw a circle on the top and cut the circles (I had 16 layers for each flower in two different sizes)

3. Staple in the middle so that two staples looks like plus sign

4. Starting with middle layer, start crumbling paper for every layer.

5. Once all the layers are done, fluff it up and you have beautiful carnations ready.

We colored the edges with sharpie for the double colored flowers.

I used these flowers in my Diwali decor.

After the festival, they adorned my coffee table in a copper bowl :)

Stay tuned, I have few more christmas tree and ornament tutorials coming up. Hoping to pen them down soon, its little crazy around here :)

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