Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tshirt/Tops folder using cereal box

Hi All,

Howz summer vacation coming along? Ours is kind of very busy between camp drop offs/pick ups, cooking over time. :)

My little one turned 9 last month and has been after me to assign her more chores. So she has been managing laundrying her clothes which includes folding too. Pants/shorts were easier but tops/tshirts made her whine. How much ever she tried, she would mess up while folding. I had seen this idea on Facebook few months back, so I decided to give it a try.

All that you need for this is either a shoe box or cereal box, scissor and tape.

Procedure to make the folder.

Open the cereal box carefully

Cut and take out the wider the peice and remove all tabs around

Depending on how long you want the tshirt fold, measure and cut the peice vertically. Do the same on the other wider peice too.

Tape this peice to the center peice

 Using the remaining peices of the box, tape the peices on to either side

Your TShirt folder is ready :)

Procedure to fold the tops.

TShirt Folder using Empty Cereal box

TShirt Folder using Empty Cereal Box

She is soo happy with the folding tool that she asked if I could make one for her brother :)

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Summer ahead!!


  1. Bharati, Thank you for teaching this to Sanjan. He was looking forward to the laundry day so he could fold the Tshirts....:-)

    1. Any time Reshma, it was soo much fun to do this with the kiddos! Hope the excitement still there to fold the clothes :)


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