Monday, October 31, 2016

Criss Cross ribbon draped Christmas tree

Hi Dearies, how are you all? Did u set up the tree yet? If you are looking for an idea to decorate the tree with the ribbon, here is one. Here is tutorial for criss cross ribbon wrapped tree.

- Measure your tree and the length of the ribbon should be 1.5 times the length of the tree.
- Take 8 such ribbon pieces and tie the edges with a safety pin.
- Spread them around the tree in 8 directions
- Start tieing two ribbons together with a string, for the first row you will have 4 joins.
- For the next round, take one each from the joined ribbons and tie them. It should look some thing like this

criss cross ribbon christmas tree

- Take it all the way till the end. If you are left with ribbon, you can cut it or, tie a bow at the end

criss cross ribbon christmas tree

- I went over these joints with glass ornaments

criss cross ribbon christmas tree

- Deck up the tree with your favorite ornaments.

criss cross ribbon  christmas tree

criss cross ribbon christmas tree

Cant wait to share with you all few more handmade ornaments for the tree.


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