Friday, July 21, 2017

Khun Fabric Covered LampShades

Hola dear Friends,

How are you all? Howz summer coming along? With a high school kid entering into senior year and doing internships, things are littel crazier at home. I am glad we were able to steal a week for Washington DC trip. Sorry I have been little lazy on the blog front this summer. Will pull my socks up and try to be regular!!!

I am back with the lampshade makeover done using the Khun (Guledgudda Khana) fabric for the ORC living room makeover.

Steps are pretty simple. All that you need are fabric of your choice, spray adhesive, lampshade, stitch witchery, Hot glue Gun and ofcourse scissors.

1. Cut the fabric to desired length (Since this is a circular drum shade, a straight cut was good). Attach the stitch whitechery at one end.

2. Spray the adhesive on the lampshade and lay the fabric on to it. Using the credit card, smoothen it out. Once it comes to the end, seal it by ironing both ends with stitch whitchery, add hotglue if needed

3  Trim the excess fabric on both sides and glue it to the shade using the hot glue gun

4. Admire the beautiful lampshade you have on your hand :)

5. Place it on the lamp and admore even more!!

Before calling off, little details on this beautiful fabric called Khun  (GuledGudda Khana or Khanna) . Its a handloom fabric, hand oven using pure cotton thread and silk yarn available in northern part of Karnataka (this is where both me and my husband are from) and Maharashtra (Two States of India). Most of us from these region have fond memories of this fabric mainly used to make blouses that goes with Ilkal Sarees.

Is there anything in your home that evoke your childhood memories, would love to hear!!

Until I catch you all next time, Enjoy rest of the summer!


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