Sunday, January 26, 2014

Kids Artwork Gallery Wall

I am a hoarder when it comes to children's school work (artwork specially). The passage wall between kids room was empty and boring. It felt like it was begging me for some pizzazz. What's better than creating a gallery with children's paintings and artwork? Colorful, adds personal touch and best of all, its FREE!!!

Here is the after :) Doesnt it look awesome?

After deciding to go for kids artwork gallery, I digged into the boxes to select few. Once I decided on what to display on the wall, I tried to arrange the artwork on the floor few times till found out the arrangement I liked.  Its always better to try it on the floor first before you hang it to avoid the nails. I didn't worry too much about this as I didn't frame the art work. I mounted them using painters tape :D Only for the wooden and canvas art works I used the thumb tacks.

Here is how it looks from the staircase landing.You can also see the hand painted wall paper in the laundry and you can read about it here painted wallpaper in laundry room

We have the thermostat on this wall which is exactly in the middle of the gallery. I don't understand why the thermostat has to be in the middle of the wall, cant it be in some corner??? It was sticking out like eyesore. I couldnt cover it as hubby would hate to open it every time while adjusting the temerature setting. I decided to frame the thermostat to make it pretty or less prominant.

Close ups of few of the artwork.

I have plans to add moulding around it, some day....For now I am happy with how it looks and I also like the fact that also there is lot of options for growth :)

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead.

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  2. This looks really nice. I may do something like this in my bare hallway.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda. I am glad you liked it.

  3. I hoard my kids' artwork too, but they're just stashed away in a box. I love how you used them to decorate your walls, I'm gonna have to do this too!

  4. Hey! I love this, and I'm going to pin it. I should have clarified on the round up on my decorating with pictures post, that I'm just adding those in the series to that post. Sorry for confusion!


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