Thursday, March 26, 2015

DIY Lucite Tray (Trash to treasure)

One man's trash is another's treasure. :)

Do you love chocolates? I don't, but one of my colleague does. She loves chocolates so much that, she sometimes brings them to work too. After all the chocolates were eaten, the empty box caught my eye and I brought it home.

Here is how an empty box of chocolates can be turned into a Tray or Photo Frame.

Materials Needed:
-- Empty box of Ferrero Rocher (48 Count)
-- Gift wrapper/Craft paper/Fabric of your choice
-- Double Sided Tape or Modge Podge
-- Paint and Paint Brush (Optional)


-- Cut the Gift wrapper/Craft paper/Fabric to the inner dimension of the box.
-- Apply the Gift wrapper/Craft paper/Fabric using the modge podge or double sided tape. (I used double sided tape)
-- Apply the acrylic paint along the edge of the box using small craft brush (optional)

You will end up with two trays or two photo frames with one box.

I used one as the photo frame and the other to hold the key, badge etc

Since I had everything I needed for this project, I spent nothing on this :)

I simply love such projects, do u?? Have you converted any trash to treasure? would love to hear from you!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

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  1. love this project - and not just because you get to eat the chocolate first (though it is a fav). They have these chocolates in different sizes, so you could do a little collage (is that the word?) of pictures in the different sizes and have several different boxes for organizing! Thanks for linking to the creative challenge!


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