Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Guest Post - Pantry Cleaning could be Easy by Kathleen Crane

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Today's post is from guest blogger Kathleen Crane. She is the owner of  Shiny Carpets Hanwell. Enjoy!! 

Pantry Cleaning Could Be Easy 

There is a way for cleaning your pantry easily and effectively. Here you will learn how to do this without spending too much of your time. The tips presented here will help you de-clutter and clean your pantry. Put labels and dates on every product you have especially on herbs and spices. Throw away every good and product you don't need often to keep your pantry de-cluttered.

First move the rubbish bin near the pantry to be at hand whenever you need to toss unnecessary, expired goods and other items. Empty your shelves on the counter and throw away all suspicious and expired goods. Check canned goods, boxes with food, old bags with ingredients like flavour and others by paying attention to their expiration date. Toss away in the trash the outdated goods. Almost all ground spices and dried herbs should be replaced twice in the year once every six months. Brown sugar and honey are goods which have no expiration date and last forever. Write down which goods you have thrown away so, you can replace them with new.

If you have too many canned foods which you don't need you can always donate them to some organisation and prevent the need to throw them away later when they expire. Separate the cans into two categories: such that are needed for everyday usage and such used seldom.

You can easily clean all sticky jars, cans and dusty containers using a solution of warm water and dish soap, dissolved in a bowl. Use a sponge to wipe the cans and jars. Soak the sponge and squeeze the excess quantity of the cleaning solution after which you can start wiping and sanitising all dirty containers. After that let them dry well.

Clean all shelves of the crumbs using a vacuum cleaner with a handle. Make sure you provide effective vacuum cleaning of all corners and hard to reach areas and there are no crumbs and leftovers anywhere. Store all items which tend to get lost easily like loose packets of oatmeal and jars with bouillon in a plastic container. This way they will be easier to find and won't get spilled making a mess.

If there are any stains from jelly, drips of honey or other leftovers you want to remove use baking soda to sprinkle them first. Then, cover them with paper towels that are soaked in hot water. Let them sit for a couple of seconds and then remove the paper towels. Using a spatula or any flat and hard tool to scrape off the substances which should have softened and easier for removing. Use the soaked and squeezed sponge with cleaning solution of water and dish soap to wipe all shelves and stained surfaces. In the end dry the shelves well with a clean cloth and put a shelf liner. It will help you keep your shelves clean and ease the sliding and moving of items from one place to another.

Reorder your pantry in such a way that it works for you. Frequently used goods like cereal, lunch ingredients, pet food and others store on easily accessible places. Rarely used items store on the top shelf, while jugs of oil and other ingredients which you use occasionally place on the bottom shelf. Group your food ingredients and items by type: baking supplies in one place and etc. Keep multiple cans and containers of foods and drinks in one place together so, that you know how much of each you have available.

Tidying and reordering your pantry in an effective way will make orientating in it easier and faster. Moreover, it won't get messy and you won't have to spend more time cleaning and de-cluttering it again and again. Try to keep your pantry organised and tidy.

"The article is contributed by Shiny Carpets Hanwell"

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