Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Lampshade Makeover - Anthropologie Ranunculus Swirl Lampshade Knockoff

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This week a was able to finish off couple of projects which were started a while back but never got to finish. Here is another lampshade makeover using fabric.

I fell in love with Anthropologie Ranunculus Swirl Lampshade unfortunately couldn't buy it as it is discontinued now.

On one of my trips to Joann's Fabrics I found a beautiful rosette fabric and it was love at first sight. I was able to make a lampshade one similar to Anthropologie one.

Here is my version of Ranunculus swirl lampshade knock off.

Here is one before and after.

This is how I recovered the lampshade.

- Trace the template on the shopping bag by rolling the lampshade on the bag. Add an inch on either side and cut it along the lines.

- After the template is ready, try it out on the lampshade to make sure it fits properly.
- Using the template cut the fabric

- Using the spray adhesive, glue the fabric on the lampshade

- Trim the excess and use clips or clothespin to hold the fabric in place till the fabric adheres.

- Voila, you have a brand new lampshade :)

The fabric had few gaps in between the pattern, so I cut out the rosettes from the extra fabric and glued it to the lampshade. I love how it looks with the lights on.

Have you recovered any lampshades?

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