Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Coat Closet Shelves

Some times its all about function, not just being pretty. Our coat closet has weird shape which is kind of good and bad too. Good that bit of coat closet is hidden, bad that accessing the stuff from hidden part was very hard.

Closet is right below the staircase, so it is in L shape where height gradually reduces. At the deep end, its hardly 3.5 feet" tall. When we moved in, all of our huge suitcases and few other items not often used, were kept there. After the garage overhead racks were installed, bags made it to overhead racks however during the garage makeover, few of the items were dumped here turning this coat closet into a big unmanageable clutter.

It was way too much to handle until we installed shelves couple of weeks back. After donating 3 big garbage bags full of books and toys the clutter in the closet is more manageable now.

Here is how it looks now. Everything is easily accessible and off the floor.

Here is an after the shelves.

Since most part of the shelves isnt even visible from the closet door, I didn't paint the shelves. Entire makeover costed us nothing, yes, nothing! Longer shelves were the builder provided shelves from master closet. Rest of the wood came from our scrap pile.

I love how clean and organized it looks from the closet door.

I do have plans of painting and extending the shelves on the right side wall. May be some time sooner :)

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