Thursday, April 28, 2016

One Room Challenge - Week 4 - Paint, Stencil and Stencil and stencil

Hi All, welcome back!! Cant believe we are already on week 4, only two more week to go. I have soo much to catch up to, almost 80% work still needs to be completed. I have butterflies in my stomach, seriously hoping that I can pull up a decent reveal.

Last week was a pretty good week in terms of progress.

I went ahead with ripe apricot and I am totally loving it on the walls.

I told you last week that I loved imperial trellis stencil, I found another one on etsy and placed an order. I realized that the etsy seller was Sarah from I explained her my situation and requested her to ship it as soon as possible. I am so impressed that I got the stencil with expedited shipping in just two days. Love you Sarah and Thank you.

I have been burning midnight oil for the past two days stenciling. Its time consuming.  One wall is only half done. we have textured walls which makes it little hard. End result is totally stunning and worth every minute spent. :)

I have been eyeing World market Everette Foyer table for a long long time. Price always deterred me.
Thanks to Mr Craig's list. I found one which looks similar to this but little shorter. Just the top needs some work though.

Here is what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

1. Install Map Wall
2. Paint  and Stencil the walls (WIP)
3. Spruce up existing Chandelier - Hubby feels that we should go ahead with earlier plan of buying a new one. 
4. Order/Buy Draperies 
5. Sew table Runner 
6. Order Console Table 
7. Floating Shelves
8. Finish Subway Art (WIP)
9. Buy accessories
10. Install subway art, draperies 
11. Refinish the console table. 

Here is what happened in last three weeks, week1 (before), week2 (design), week3 (Progress). There is so much to accomplish in the next two weeks, I am going thru mixed emotions. Linking the post at callingithome

Thank you so much for stopping to check on the progress.  

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  1. You need to do a tutorial on that stencil project. It looks so good.

    1. Sure Mila. Tutorial will come soon after the reveal! Thank u so much for stopping by

  2. What a fun stencil! I really like the look of that foyer table, good luck refinishing the one you found and best wishes with the rest of the ORC, only 2 weeks to go:)

    1. Just 10 more days :(, Man!! I am soo nervous now, have so many things to little time! I hardly get any time over the weekdays!! Thank u so much Tara. - Hugs

  3. Meticulous job on the stencil - very professional looking!


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