Monday, March 13, 2017

Kitchen Pantry makeover for $100 room challenge (Week 2)

Hi All,

Since I joined the party little late, I don't have much to share as this weeks progress. Only thing I could was to empty the Pantry, add a shelf on the top to increase the vertical space and add the side shelves.

I had one particle board provided by the from the Master Closet. I was hoarding it since the closet makeover. Part of it was used as the top most shelf, rest used for side shelves. I was little short on wood but I was able to get another small piece of particle board from a dear friend. Since I had everything on hand, I used around 8 dollars for the screws and side support .

I ordered the vertical storage shelf for the back of the pantry door. This took little more than half of my budget ($50.40)

Here comes the pending task list. Since I have the Paint/caulk, I don't have spend anything on these.

- Caulk the newly added shelves
- Paint the shelves
- Paint the pantry
- Stencil
- I went shopping in the house and found 2 more baskets similar to the blue ones but in Pink. since I would be storing food, I am not comfortable doing spray painting on these. Planning to use the fabric. Time to raid my stash of scrap fabric.

Total budget spent so far :- 50.40 + 8 = 58.40

Its going to be an uphill task but I am all geared and excited!!

Thanks for stopping by


  1. I have one of those on the back of my linen closet door, and it made a world of difference in how much I could store in there. I don't know how we ever lived without it!

  2. The shelving looks great, and the "back of the closet organizer" is going to add so much extra storage. Definitely worth half your budget :)

  3. It's going to be awesome when you're done! So much added space!


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