Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kitchen Pantry Reveal for $100 Room Makeover

yay!!! I am so excited, Finally reveal week is here. Not just I get to show you all what our Pantry went thru, I also get to see what other bloggers did to transform their space for under $100.  This is the first time I joined Erin's challenge, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you So much to Erin from lemons, lavender and Laundry for hosting this challenge.

Per the plan I shared during week1. I was able to accomplish most of it.

- Extend the shelves to wrap around. There is about 9" space on the sides.
- Paint and stencil the back
- Paint the shelves
- Build/Buy lazy Susan to access/fully utilize the corners
- Utilize the pantry door
- Explore Storage ideas for different groups.
- Maximize the vertical space.

Here comes the Pantry in its full glory.

One more

I absolutely heart this buy from Amazon which stores my flours and sugar. With very little money left in the budget, I could buy only 4 of these.

I was able to organize the containers based on their frequency of use. The ones with most use occupied the lower shelves and less used ones on the upper shelves.

Few bins that I had before, got a makeover with the fabric I had at home and house electronic appliances/parts , kids snacks and unopened food items.

The side shelves which we added made the day and night difference in the appearance of the pantry. All the items that are needed but not very appeasing to eyes are stored in the side shelves. 

I was able to pull out all my kitchen appliances from the other cabinets and store all of them in the pantry. No more rummaging thru all the cabinets to find one (Happy Dance)

Here is a comparison of the pantry before and after

Here is how I did on the budget

- Vertical Storage Shelf for the Pantry Door -  $50.40
- Reusable Chalkboard labels - $6.99
- Glass Jars - $29.69
- Paint for the wall, shelves and stenciling - $1.00
- Stencil - $0.00
- Wood for the Shelves - $0.00
- Nails etc for the shelves - $8.00

Total :- 96.08 $

I am smitten by the Pantry. I keep opening it for no reason and keep staring it.

Well for now, I am off to checkout the beautiful work of all other amazing bloggers.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. I love what you did with this pantry! You made the most of a tiny space, great job!

    1. Thank you Nicki. The addition of extra shelf on the top and side shelves, yeilded so much of added space,I love it

  2. This looks great! Makes me want to get mine organized.

  3. Organized and beautiful too! I love it!

  4. I have serious pantry envy right now! My pantry is very much so not organized and pretty. I love the stencil and all the organizing containers.

  5. The organization of this pantry makes my heart pitter-patter! I love the blue stencilled back, too! Great work.

  6. I've got pantry envy! This looks so nice. Love the blue stenciling and all those matching storage bins. Love those ones from Amazon! So happy to have you join the challenge! You did a beautiful job!

    1. Thanks to you, I could tackle this project Erin. You wont believe there were boxes from our move-in 9 years back in that Pantry!!Happy to be Part of $100Roomchallenge, loved it

  7. Can believe you have enough space to line the bin next to one another. It looks so pretty. I wish I had a space like that! Good job!

    1. Thank you Natalie. I cant believe how spacious the Pantry feels now. The Magic of can of paint, little stencil and lot of elbow grease :)

  8. My pantry is an absolute disaster! Thanks so much for the inspiration to do something fantastic with it.


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