Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boho Eclectic Living Room One Room challenge Week3 - Progress

Welcome back to third week of One Room challenge.

We are past halfway mark. There hasn't been significant change in the way room looks but I do have few updates.

Let me start with good parts first

- Fabric for the lampshades arrived. Here is the sneak peak of the lampshade. I haven't covered it yet, this was just to see how it looks.

- Pillow covers will be mix of few DIYs and few store brought. Most of my online shopped pillow covers are here and I am loving what I see.

 - Dresser will have kalamkari (Printing technique famous in southernpart of India)  runner. I was able to get the fabric for the same too. Here is the fabric I have got for this makeover

- My nesting table is all set for some serious spray painting this week

- I was able to score the pretty curtains from home goods and I cant wait to put them on the wall.

- Gallery wall is 75% complete and need to work on couple more

- Coffee table is going to get a face uplift and the add on is on the way.

Now on to not so good parts :

I am still on the lookout for the side table with storage. There are two major setbacks tough :(

Grass cloth wallpaper

I have been dreaming about the grasscloth wallpaper in the entry way. Since its the first room as soon as you enter our home and I didn't want it to look all DIYed, so have been looking around for professional installer. My dreams were shattered by the price he quoted. Installation and prep work will cost me good 2k, which I am not  currently ready to spend. So, DIY it is.

I looked at various options, since our walls are textured, most of the options says prep the wall. I am worried about what happens when we decide to take them down. If the wall will end up damaged. To be honest, I am little worked up at the moment


Since this room gets very use, Hubs isnt ready on spending moolah on this room. So new sofa  is not happening. That means I have to come up with option B which is to upholster this beast. If I complete
everything on my list by this weekend, I might give this a try.

You can catch up earlier weeks posts here, week1, week2

I have so much to complete this weekend along with a half marathon on Sunday.

Thank you for stopping by


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