Thursday, April 6, 2017

Entry Way/Living Room Makeover - ORC Week1

Hi Friends,

Woo hoo, I am taking the plunge again and diving deep into One Room Challenge Hosted by Linda of callingithome  I had a whale of time last time during last Spring while transforming our dining room. This time Entry Way/Living Room is the lucky room to go thru transformation in 6 weeks.

For those who dont know, One Room Challenge  is bi-annual blogging event where designers transform the chosen room in 6 weeks time. There are two categories. One for selected few designers who publish their progress on wednesdays and other is for the guest participants where hundreds of designers/bloggers take you thru their progress on Thursdays.

Here is our Entry Way in its current glory.

Boho Entry Way
View from main door.

View from the stairs

View from the Seating

Seating area
This Sofa needs to go. We have had this for almost 10 years and I absolutely hate the sea of pillows. Howmuch ever I try, I can never make it look beautiful or organized. I hope Hubby is listening.

5th Wall

These side tables needs to be replaced with something better and with the storage option. If not both, atleast one would be better with storage option.

Pretty much everything else stays or may come back transformed.

Cant wait to come up with the plan to transform this room :)

Thanks for joining me in this adventure.

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  1. I can't wait to see what comes back transformed!